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Life’s Story…

I remember when I last saw her…

She was beautiful.

I don’t even remember when I first met her…

But I know that I’ll never forget her…

She talked as if she were singing to you.

Her voice softer than a bluebird’s…

Her symphonies full of sympathy

Her sonnet’s aura’s cosmic, like that of comets.

She touched with the smooth hands of a mother.

I remember when they’d glide across my shoulders…
I’d meditate for hours with her arms wrapped around me

Never fully understanding her essence, but I was glad for her to have found me.

I remember when we grew up, how things changed.

How we separated and I almost forgot her name.

Then one day, I was walking and saw a familiar face.

Caught up and realized how our ways changed.

My perception of had grown somewhat distraught

She didn’t comply with the virtues I was taught

I jumped head first into the unknown, not fully prepared

Now she’s mad at me for not having a care, about a soul but my own.

Eventually, we fell on good grounds.

It seems, true love has finally been found.

I take her out here and there, our bodies Siamese.

I see other guys giving you the eye, I’d wish they’d try me.

It’s been so long and I’ve finally got this riddle solved.

And found a person who didn’t hesitate to absolve me.

Things were going great.

And then one day, she disappeared.

Steadily growing more worried as texts or calls never appeared.

I slept on her porch three nights in a row.

All for nothing, my love never came home.

I came to find out that she never locked the front door.

I burst inside—heart racing, mind pacing.

But my rampant search came to no avail.

Don’t even know what to do anymore…

Then I turned around to a closed diary on the floor.

Don’t want to invade privacy, but I’m desperate for answers.

As I folded each page, her story began to unfold.

All these secrets, I can’t believe she never told.

Quiet tears fell upon the pages as I wept.

Here are the secrets of her story she should have never kept:

She was seeing a man once, during her deranged youth.

Two years together, they’d made plans to move.

Never fully aware that his actions were but ruses.

Ploys to get to her toys…

One day, she overheard him speak in a conversation with his boys…

They were sipping gin and tonic,

And the realm of sobriety? Far beyond it.

As if that weren’t enough, they were rolling swishers up

The house reeked of the deceased as they continued to pour their liquor up.

Pride said, “Man…Life’s a bitch! And I’m tryna get my rape on!

If I rape strong, the good things will come whether she likes it or not.”

Tried to treat her like a queen, she hesitated too long

To give me the things I feel belong to me

And if she isn’t moving by the timeline

I got no problem stripping her down and taking what’s mine.“

Fearing for her life, she remained silent.

Unsure of what to do, she continued trying to please her man the best way that she could without stripping down and giving up the goods.

Life was beautiful, features like no other

But she could ever track down her father or mother

Which gives reason to why at times, she was capable of doing the right things

Then on the flip, had no problems indulging in the wrong ones

I’ve seen her switch roles as easily as she switched clothes

Adapting to the people she hung with at the moment

Sometimes she met nice dudes, nobles that made her think twice

But more than often, she hung with the crooks and thugs at night

She thought she was part of the posse–that her best interest were being looked out for

Til she found nothing in the world comes free

She stormed out of the club, no longer the Underworld’s Empress

But that withdrawal didn’t come without interest

They cornered her on the way home, asking for belongings that were far overdue.

“I’ve been waiting for months hoe, and I’ve had enough.

Getting sick of your games, it’s time to give it up.”

“Listen,” she pleaded. “It is a divine command that is needed. I cannot give my best unto you until you are weeded. To give my essence unwillingly will do you no good.”

“Think I’ve been worried about good? My entire life’s been bad. Things can’t get much worse, so might as well enjoy the little time that I have.”

“Just give me time and good things will come to pass. I promise you. I’m not doing this out of spite, but out of loving you. Death will come crying if you partake of that which you haven’t been given accessed to…I implore you. Patience will be of the greatest use to you.”

They thought about it for a minute, throwing a couple nods at each other.

“Well fuck it. We can’t all live forever.”

That’s when one of the four started pulling at her sweater.

Another crept up her thigh, held her down on the ground.

Pride stood smirking as he pulled his zipper down.

She continued to beg and squeal but eventually fell silent.

Compliant with their demands, yet she remained defiant.

She gave them a cold stare as they continued to yank her hair.

Pride was last one to have her,

and he looked straight into her eyes as slid between her thighs

Staring into her blank face, he watched the glow of her eyes disappear.

And he did it without shedding a single tear.

He took one last bite, drawing the warm nectar of her blood.

Her body slowly drowning in its own river.

After the deed was done and his men were through,

With her being a witness, there was one thing left to do.

Pride pulled out his pistol, and loaded the chamber

And stared at the heartbroken angel in anger.

“Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming! If you had treated me better, maybe things wouldn’t have to end this way. But today, this marks the end of your bull!”

He waited a few seconds, then the trigger he pulled.

The hot metal sliced through her hallowed heart.

Left hollow when they tore her body apart.

They left her lifeless in the alley, and they didn’t look back.

Somehow, they left no evidence for the police to track.

So when folks as about her, “Why isn’t she so good anymore?”

I  simply reply, “Life isn’t with us anymore…”

Death came by the other day, looking for his sister.

Weeping, crying out how much he missed her.

I hugged him, shuddering as I held him close.

He just lost the person who understood him the most.

He jumped forth with a vengeance, stumbling out the room.
I chased him out into the street, groveling at his feet.

“All of us aren’t like them! I am sad for your loss! But why make the mistakes of one man all of our cost?”

“You are all in this together, sharing the same fate whether you like it or not. Just as your breath the same air, you shall suffer together in despair. “


“Silence… I’ve had enough!

Man will bleed as she did!

And I will forever chase after whomsoever reads this!”

Posted by: mrdmcday | July 3, 2010

A Blunt Reality

With dark, curly hair

And an ominous stare

One blunt, one puff

His soul’s had enough

I saw my best friend’s spirit leave

Like the leaves after autumn leaves

He was standing right in front of me

Took a puff, now his life is a fantasy

I watched as his eyes rolled back

His veins bulged in despair

But he didn’t care as the smoke filled the air

I knocked on the door of his conscience

But no one was there.

I opened the unlocked door, and proceeded quietly

Stunned by the dark panorama within his frame

Hard floors made of soot

A ceiling full of tar

Nicotine at the bar

Are these the things to soothe a weary heart?

I walked up the stairs, afraid to touch the banisters

Climbed to the top and saw the network that reduced his net worth

He was a lesser being

Still kind at heart

But the drug had made a division amongst his body and mind

An incision that put to submission his growth

I watched a cloud of smoke materialize from the ashes

And I was given a first encounter of his madness

He grinned ominously, told me to pull up a chair

I sat down with him, but no discussion

Just an incessant stare

As if he were brainwashing me with his very presence

I inhaled his essence, almost called him brethren

But my senses snapped back into place

I looked him dead in the face

And told him he could have nothing of me

I stormed off and down the stairs

That’s when I saw my friend dangling in the air

Hooks of smoke pierced his shoulders

He hung like a bludgeoned hog after being cornered

He looked me in the eye but the windows to his soul were closed

The curtains up, but there’s no applause at this show

I wanted to destroy the ghoul, make him stop

The worst part

My friend did too, but couldn’t stop

He continued to breathe in this disenchanting dust

And I watched him silently

As the demon continued to strip his body violently

His skin stunk the stench of death

And I my teardrops burned as I cried

As he exhaled the hell he inhaled

Taking him down by force would bring more harm than good

That still doesn’t stop me from wanting to do something…

I remind him of the power he has against it

And to throw this demon out before he sifts it.

His mind has shifted, my name unlisted.

Eventually he smokes openly in front of me

In spite of me telling him how it frightens me

And then this voice keeps asking me, why am I fighting me?

I already know he’s fall victim to this fallacy

I might as well just get used to this blunt reality.

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Midnight Stroll

The fight between good and evil is much like the dance between shadow and Sun

The battle correlating with the foresight you bring forth

For when one finally grows the will to walk,

They must do so with the light before them, their path clear and navigable.

As they follow the light, darkness has no choice but to follow suit, it’s shroud being kept at bay.

Yes, he is there, keeping pace with you.

Past trials, past mistakes, past foes, past woes.

All of your sorrows and ill whims reside within his repertoire, scenes of your life itching to be revived and relived.

After all, you created him. But, with your vision clear, he will no longer have power over you.

But, if a pedestrian ever grows careless enough to place their torch behind him

Claiming the beacon too much a burden to bear

He will surely lose perception.

He will stumble into the darkness, leaving his life to chance.

He may be harmed; he may be safe.

But whatever the case, he will never have control of his life.

The light will follow you; it’s love beaming at your back;

It’s warmth begging you to come home.

There is a single trait that is found in both, however.

Neither will force its path upon you.

The choice is forever yours.

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I leap from star to star
To escape the scars seen on my homeland
Where battered hills roll over so abundantly
And meadows have long since seen hardship
These stars dot the night sky
A million teardrops frozen in time
Suspended for us to touch and feel
They twinkle and smile at me as I indulge in their splendor
It’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean
Or the war torn soil of my home
I miss the days of old
Where I could feel its hearth between my toes
It’s warmth between the crevices of my soul
That torch has long since been unenthused
It’s flame amiss in some distant land
I don’t know why it left
How love could so suddenly vanish
So I sleep to escape the chains of my past
Allowing my spirit to roam free in this galaxy I’ve found
This nexus of ideals and fantasies
Where anything is possible
The Sun is my best friend
Accompanying me on my adventures through space
It’s light forever shining upon my face
Basking in the innocence within her rays
I’m a child again
Time is no longer a factor here
My life is limitless
An eternity of happiness
A cycle of joy unhindered
I’m able to go where I please
Gaze upon sights few ever see
I glide amongst clouds of crimson nebulas
Soaring to heights I never knew
I swim in seas of distant fantasies
Imaginings long forgotten in the world I used to know
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you
Then behold
Some dark force is stealing the stars
It’s ominous roar piercing my soul
It’s intimidating cry cutting my spirit
In the ultimate battle of good versus evil
I draw ever closer
A black hole has stolen my sunshine
It’s appetite never satisfied
I dive forward in an attempt to save my shattered world
My plain of prosperity broken and withered
My sight is taken in the ensuing battle
DeAndre! DeAndre! Time to go!”

White ceiling,
Blue sheets,
Wooden headboard,
Dirty clothes on the floor…
Relics of the dream I lived yesterday…
My alarm clock taunts me
Having successfully stripping me of my reality
This digital fiend, burglar of dreams
Smirks as he continues to chime
I can’t wait to go back home…
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~Randomness 24~

This has yet to be titled. Lend me some nice ones if you think of any! (:-D

Society’s a broken man with no hope
His pockets thin because he spent all his cash on a Benz
His body thin because he’s vowed never to walk again
He rolls around in his hover round
Barely 200 years old
In a wheelchair, he ain’t even that old
But he feels this is a luxury, that technology will aid him in living life more comfortably
His pale, white skin old and wrinkled
His once ruby red blood clotted and tainted
His blue eyes, cloudy and painted with the disillusion of his grandeur
He basks in the splendor of his fantasy
Where the world loves & adores him
Held in reverence for his creed
An age-old parliament hangs on his walls
A constitution that overlooks the destitution of his figure
A brown hue is slowly creeping up his left arm
He’s constantly trying to figure out a way to amputate
But the weird discoloration seems a bit too prominent
In the being he’s become
He scratches it over and over again with the right arm
A limb that has a small hue of yellow
He dislikes it too
A minority in the majority
But if you pull his pants down you’ll how far the disease has spread now
His left leg is completely maroon
And his right will be of a lemon color soon
He’s found, over time, they’ve expanded cross his waistline
He plants a landmine of ointment around his chest to halt the colored virus from seeking the best of him
The ointment confuses the strain and it strains against the rain of regression that continues to reign
The small circle encircles all the vital parts and anything within the body that was considered of fine art
He takes his essence and he moves to another vessel
Leaving the once smart virus consuming a sickly, hollow shell that remains hallowed because it’s still misguided by the illusion that this uni-colored land with it’s tricolored theme was open to any color

There’s more but that’s all I’m giving! Lol. Criticism and commentary is welcome!

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Presentation of a Woman (Short)

You’d expect me to have some long, drawn out opinion about how a lady should present herself. I probably do. But it’s late night and I think that, if I do ever start dating again, I’m going to know how to spot the good from the hell no’s-Facebook.

It’s plain and simple. If you think scrunching your face to the point that it looks like the butt end of an orange is sexy, you are just not the one for me. Have you ever looked at that? Your face shouldn’t look like a wrinkled up butt cheek.

Here’s an example of what many girls faces look like on Facebook:

Now that’s some crazy stuff, huh?!

If you’re offended, it’s probably because you look like this. If you do look like this, cease and desist.

Good day!

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Why is he screwing/toying with me?

The Rundown:

He’s an “off and on” guy. Sometimes we talk a lot, other times we barely talk. Recently, I’ve kinda developed a thing for him. I don’t even know if I really like him or not. I just know we have a connection, whether it’s good friends or more, I don’t know.

He’s toying with me though. He’s a huge flirt. He’s always teasing about us being together, and how much he apparently wants to kiss me (i’m against that. Cause we’re not dating). On and on, he’s pretty much hanging off me sometimes. I think I sometimes like the attention… But that’s just part of it. He’s quite protective it seems, I can’t talk about other guys without him being like “WHOO!!”.

Sometimes we just don’t talk for a while though. It’s like he randomly loses interest for a while. Anyways, we were supposed to hang out today, but he made plans with another person. Other person HAPPENS to be why I’m confused.

He told me the other day, that he pretty much loves this other girl (Which i wouldn’t care, if he wasn’t toying with me. If we were JUST friends, then it wouldn’t bother me). Yet he says, he’s confused because every time he sees me he’s like :O . I asked him what he meant. He explained that when he sees me, he sees a beautiful girl that makes him very happy etc. But in his mind, he can’t figure out if we’re meant to be more, or just best friends.

So apparently he still loves this other girl. Yet he’s toying with me in the mean time. He is NOT dating this other girl by the way. They used to date, and still hang out.

Why is he doing this to me?!

The Response:

Ok. So, from my point of view, there seems like there’s a wealth of emotional, perhaps even sexual, tension. In both of your minds, this is a window of opportunity that no one investigated. But, as we both know, men have much shorter attention spans.

He’s clearly going through something else and is trying find something, someone, to fill this gap or take his mind off of it. Perhaps it’s serious-maybe something abstract like life purpose or something, but he’s drifting wherever the wind takes him. People like that are dangerous when it comes to relationships because they’re so unpredictable.

You say he’s your best friend, so Im giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming that he isn’t some dog trying to find his next conquest. But, nowadays, the title “bestfriend” has been obscured. Could mean “we’re good friends” or “we’re friends who do it”.

I’m hoping he’s not the latter just trying to lure you in…because that isn’t entirely unheard of…

Posted by: mrdmcday | April 16, 2010

Relationship Issue #4:Pursuing What Is Already Owned

The Rundown:

The title pretty much says it all. I’ve heard multiple people (mostly women, not to be sexist but that’s just how it’s played out) say that it’s fine to let a girl know how you feel about her even though she’s dating someone else. This simply makes no sense to me. It’s selfish at best, and you’re pushing your way into what is presumably a healthy relationship. That certainly doesn’t do good things for a relationship. Biblical answers would be encouraged.

The Response:

Now I’m still learning but, nowhere in the text, have I seen such actions. The thing you’re touching upon with this question is a little thing that I like to call “Rationalizing Sin”.

“Ok. Don’t look don’t look. Fine. I’ll look but I won’t touch. I’ll touch…but I won’t taste. I’ll taste but…”

By the time the fool done figured out what he or she has gotten themselves into, 9 times out of 10, their already at the other person’s place about to partake or are already partaking in something they shouldn’t.

I believe you are correct in your standing. A lot of of people are simply to weak to resist what they see with their eyes. And, a good example of a man justifying this type of lust is David (A powerful man, slayer of Goliath, just happened to see a baaaaaad mamma jamma taking a bath one night and, before you know it, he was killing husbands and doing cover-ups) AND HIS FOLKS TOLD HIM SHE WAS TAKEN!

In the end, pursuing something that you know is taken can only end with disaster. Either you get caught or you slide right on by- physically/emotionally attached to someone you don’t even love. Not to mention, you might have to kill someone so your peoples don’t find out. (Little joke about David. No? Eh…Whatever!)

Anyways, I hope you continue to seek more spiritual guidance. I’m doing the same thing and have heard this argument as well. Even without biblical knowledge, it just lacks sense. Why in the world would anyone choose to be second? (Shrugs)

I believe David’s story is in 2nd Samuel, 11th Chapter. If I’m wrong, charge it to my head-not my heart-and correct me. Hope this helps.

Posted by: mrdmcday | April 16, 2010

Relationship Issue #3: Why Am I Still Thinking About Him?

The Rundown:

Okay, so my first ever sexual experience was a horrible drunken night, where we didn’t even go all the way because i got sick… story is, I liked the guy for a long time, I went to his house we had a party, and my friend and her bf went to bed and me and the guy I liked went downstairs… we fooled around and i got sick before it went too far (thank god).. needless to say the guy is a douche bag that was only going to use me for sex, and it took me forever to get over him… and I don’t even know if I am actually over him yet…

It happened 4 months ago … and I would go some time without seeing him, and then think im over him and then when I saw him again I realized I wasnt…. but now im thinking maybe I am over him, but for some twisted reason what I really want is him to want me? Does that make sense? Could that be my problem?

Also, I can’t even read a freaking romance book anymore without thinking about him! its sick! im fed up and i don’t want to keep torturing myself with his memory! And I’m pissed because he pretty much stole my first kiss, my first sexual experience…

What should I do? Or what do you think my problem is?

The Response:

Ok. Judging from the excerpt you’ve given and the last few sentences (“my first sexual experience”) it almost sounds like HE isn’t the problem at all. Perhaps it’s you.

Before we go about trying to cure you of this memory, think about this:

Are you upset with yourself because you gave him this? If so, have you forgiven yourself?

If not, this could be the reason why he keeps coming to mind-the fact that you still believe he’s…”one-upped” you (for lack of better words) because this was your first kiss and it wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Part of you is still wishing you could go back in time and correct it-heck, you may fantasize about it working out perfectly.

You wanted your first kiss to be special. It wasn’t. And that’s OK! Let it go. One reason he keeps resurfacing is because you haven’t let that night go-a night he’s directly connected to. Once you’re able to do that, you can slowly but surely lose this feeling.

One day, you may remember the night but that same feeling of agony will begin to fade. But this can only happen after you’ve faced your fears internally. Stop running and do so. Or else, this ghost will continue to be on your heels for the rest of your life.

Posted by: mrdmcday | April 16, 2010

Relationship Issue #2: Ixnay on the PDA

The Rundown:

Me and my bf have been together for 2 1/2 years, and all of a sudden he doens’t want to act like we are dating when we’re in public, but if it’s just me and him in a private room then he’s okay with it. He told me that he doesn’t like PDA, so we can’t even hold hands =(.

But it’s really getting annoying, why can’t we just hold hands in public??! We don’t ever kiss in public or anything. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

The Response:

Talk to him about if you already haven’t. While PDA isn’t necessary to prove you love someone, complete lack of it shows that you two are merely friends as opposed to being in a relationship. You look…stale-disconnected and that’s not how a couple should present themselves in public. While you guys are each other’s friends, the public should know that there is a commitment there when you go about. It isn’t necessarily their business but, at the same time, when someone gets to eyeing either one of you, it should register that you’re taken. Otherwise, a more awkward situation could occur.

I mean…holding hands? Especially after 2 1/2 years?! Geez. Tell the guy to get a grip and just do it! Lol. He should be comfortable with it by now. Otherwise, it hints at the fact that he may be ashamed of you-just someone he can be with when the lights aren’t on you.

But think about it. There’s going to come a time when every couple is going to have to be in the spotlight-whether it’s forced or natural-a trial that defines who you two are. It could be as big as when either one of you sees some type of great accolade or success or as little as being around one another’s new friends.

Either way, when that time comes, you’re going to have to ask yourself-when that light comes on and it’s time for you guys to strut your stuff, is he going to be there or are you going to be walking alone?

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