Posted by: mrdmcday | July 3, 2011

Shadow’s Angel

Darkness beckons my swift return.

His boisterous yet calm tone bringing to mind times of old.

The sweet smell of insignificance…

The lonely sting of solitude…

I can feel his shadows creeping up my calves.

I’m once again gazing into his lackluster stare.

I see nothing in his eyes.

Perhaps this is what comforts me most.

A world free from motion and chaos, free of the things able to pierce the veil.

Long ago, he waited for his wife here.

Here, at the threshold…

I’m shocked to hear a tale of heartbreak from such a person…

One of such a tactless nature.

He goes around, molesting the weak wills of those around him.

Slipping back into the shade once his deeds are done.

As for affection, he needs none.

And preys on the ones who do.

Destroying hope and wreaking havoc wherever he goes.

All the while never showing his face…

Exploiting the weaknesses of having faith alone…

He never educates….

Just dissipates after he annihilates…

A broken spirit operating out of hate.

The very thing he fought against so many years ago…

And that smooth animal turns to me and utters the words,

“You’re my best student…”


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