Posted by: mrdmcday | February 1, 2011

Wake Up Texts

Why do I text you in the morning?

Perhaps I miss you and the times we used to share

When the feelings were mutual and the chemistry was there.

I know my traveling ways are a bit much for you.

And though I love, I simply can’t be restrained.

I move forward and you claim I’m leaving us behind.

Details of my mental processes are always scarce.

I’m sorry sugar, but I have not the time to be meek.

And though I wish it was your body here, sharing these sheets,

I know if I let you in, you’ll wreak havoc upon my lifestyle.

A lost child who finds comfort in the wilderness.

I’m at home in the storm, your scorn bores me.

Why settle for the house on the beach when you can have the sea?

I’m a sailor at heart, you can’t stomach the ride.

Your emotions change more often the tide itself.

Shipwrecked, all the while staying afloat.

Because the storm isn’t out at sea, it’s in the boat.

And if I took the time to bail all the added weight,

I’d have to travel back in time to day we had our first date.

Too long a journey, old wounds are now re-opened.

My clothes are soaking and I’ve run out of Ibuprofen.

My immunity to, your overwhelming scrutiny, wanes with your reign in my life.

I let it happen twice.

Third time’s a charm.

For when you bring rain, the blame’s no longer on you.

It’s all on me.

I can no longer bring shame to myself.

My heart’s among the constellations, that’s the ultimate wealth.

And if there ever came a time I had to choose between the two,

I’d run to the outer limits

Instead of choosing you.

The clocks ticking…


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