Posted by: mrdmcday | September 6, 2010

Hip Hop tries to talk to me…sometimes…

A short story about this girl,
Could I get you to listen?
Just for a brief moment, could I have your attention?

Wasn’t my first time meeting her, we spoke before…
But every time she opened her mouth, this radio roared….

“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…Get Money.”
“BOOM, BOOM, BOOM…Get Money.”


Paint gleaming green, sound pumping, windows tinted.
That’s why I could never tell who was in it.
They cruised slow as her and I conversed, then sped off when they got to end of the curb…


I saw her again the next day!
She looked even better.
She had on a Sundress and this cute little sweater.
Had that same wink, and, of course, that same white smile.
Had some time to kill, so I took her out for awhile.

We walked through the park, showed her my side of town.
But in the distance, I could still hear that carnal sound.
And just like the day before, damn tank rolls up on us
And then speeds off when it gets to the end of the corner!


“Sooo…do you know those guys?!” I finally ask.
She looks down at her glass and starts to laughs
They’re supposed to be old friends from uptown
But how come every time I’m with her, they come around?


Irritating to say the least, but, for her?
I’ll make do with the lime paint and greasy beats.

But the next day, we didn’t meet at the usual spot.
I remember the air was dry and scorchingly hot.
I tried to call her twice, but no reply
And then that damn green Chevy falls from the sky.
I’m at the bus stop, sitting…daydreaming
When three pairs of eyes glare at me from black hoodies.

May I help you, sirs?
Perhaps, reason with you?
But thugs never reason when their angry with you.

Down on the ground,
Knee on my throat, Glock to my face.

Said if they saw me with her again, they would start taking limbs.
And if that didn’t work, they were gonna take my life.
“Your last date with the girl ended last night.”

Pride said, “Speak up!”
So I licked my lips and put on my hard face!
But when common sense spoke next… wasn’t hard for me to replace that.
Wanted to grab the gun, but knew Id be dead if I tried that.

God dammit…

They asked me if I understood their demands and if I’d obey
But could I really let their envy get in the way?
Of something so good that I never felt before?
If not, I could wind up dead on this floor.

So, reluctantly, I said I wouldn’t see her.
Got teary eyed as I stared down the heater.
“Yeah, you better not.
Or we’ll find you nigga.
And next time, we won’t wait to pull the trigger.”

They still beat me up after I agreed to follow orders
And left me a bloody pulp to rot on the corner.
I think I woke up a few hours after
A subject to the local lunatic’s laughter.

Nigga they got you! Are you ok?”
Negro telling jokes right in front of my face.
“Damn dude, they knocked you right the fuck out!
I think they stomped a couple teeth out your mouth!”

“Shut up, stupid!”
Got up, dusted myself off…
Pushed the old man out the way and stormed off.
Of course, when I got home I checked in the mirror anyway…
What? Couldn’t settle for being a snaggle tooth everyday.
Anyways, Hip Hop calls me the night after.
Said she missed seeing my smile, hearing my laughter.
Said I’m not too sure I have much to be happy about.
Ever since your homeboys stomped me out.


Yeah. I met your friends yesterday..
Reeeeally nice people. Showed me their guns!
Bear me up on the corner and took all my funds.
I had to walk the rest of the way back home.
And I called you twice, you just left me there to die!

She was speechless, I guess she felt bad
But no matter how she felt, I was still mad.
Screwing with this girl got me choked up and almost killed!
And then she tells me to calm down and take a chill pill?

Oh yeah…I’m relaxed all right…

I think we both went to bed angry that night…
But the next day, she caught me off guard at the park again.

Dammit, didn’t I tell you what they said to me?
Don’t You know they’re gonna see you here with me?
You just want me dead, don’t you?

She kissed my scarred eye and took hold of my hand.
Said if I kept living right, I could be her man.
And like clockwork, that Chevy circled the park and drove off quick.
But she told me not worry and said the pain would quit.

We had a good day again, like the times before…
Even though I couldn’t help but to look over my shoulder.
Then she pulled my arms around her waist, tried to get me hold her!
Nuh uh! We at that stage?
Here’s the cold shoulder.

I love you but there’s a bounty on my head!
And your something too good not to be shared.
If I can’t walk in the light with you, I refuse to go dark just to lie with you.


She respected my decision, took it well.
But when she’s upset, I can always tell.

Told me people may hate you because your different.
And your walk puts them in an awkward position
Said my life was too full of purpose
For this reason, we couldn’t be together on the surface.

Then she slipped a note in my jacket, said this is where true love can be found…

But can anyone tell me what this one word means?



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