Posted by: mrdmcday | August 21, 2010

Chasing Summer

The leaves of Summer brown as she leaves.
Autumn approaches, aloof in her gestures.
Her little efforts don’t compare to the rays you’ve displayed.
Those streams of warmth that flew ever so beautifully, into me.

Am I to rest upon your riverbeds once more?
My weariness cured upon your love’s shores?

Why do you run?
Is it me whom you fear?
If my heart is a clock, your love turns the gears!
What are my hands to do without you?

Could you surrender your arms and let me bask in your splendor?
Or will you resist and rob me of your hearts timbre?

My empress…
My songstress…

Have your melodies grown cold?
Could it be you’ve those feelings of old?
Were we nothing more than a summer’s romance?
I guess I should have never your left love up to chance…



  1. great writing..


    i have a post about the songs of summer,
    welcome for a visit and let me know what you think…


  3. @Jingle Your piece was great! I truly enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time to read and thanks for sharing! I will definitely be checking you out in the future.

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