Posted by: mrdmcday | July 19, 2010

Peace Vs. Harmony

I was holding a conversation recently with a friend of mine about households. How peace can take place without any real harmony amongst the individuals. For those of you out there that say your family is doing well because you have obtained “peace” within your walls, ponder this for a second.

Peace: Freedom from disturbance; quiet.

Harmony: The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

The problem with the average Amercian home is that members are hellbent on keeping the “peace”. Confrontation seems to be the last thing on a family members mind which, in turn, usually leaves members of a household walking around with their faces down walking on eggshells-wary not to make any sudden comments or movements-or it might be their last.

It’s disturbing how many would label this a “success”–A home with no arguments, no real disputes–deemed an suitable environment. But the big picture isn’t being seen here.

For a moment, take your own home into account.

How often do you talk to your loved ones? How often do you tell them you still love them and vice versa? Can you recall the last time you had a conversation longer than a few seconds?

“How was your day?”


*Walks away*

This is a blatant example of a disconnected family–fractured to the point that the smallest attempt at normal conversation seems almost painful. So you stroll around (for youth, probably with your earbuds in) isolating yourself and exiling those around you.

True. There is peace. No one risks being disturbed or disturbing others. But there’s no harmony.

I’ve yet to find a singular, omnipotent answer to this problem but, one thing’s for sure, a home without confrontation–one absent of thesis and antithesis–will never come to find synthesis. Talk it out and do so in love.


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