Posted by: mrdmcday | July 18, 2010

Her name was Anesthesia…

Her name was Anesthesia…

She was a light girl, beautiful features.

Soft complexion, modest in complexities.

Her touch was soothing, almost dreamlike

Her fingertips pushed words back down my windpipe

Pushed thoughts to the back of mind.

If I weren’t at ease, she didn’t hesitate to please.

If I were at a variance with her, she had to ultimate power to persuade

All without some type of love to be made

Her eyes were like one-way mirrors, though.

I always saw myself but, when I searched, I didn’t see her

I mean…

I saw her but I didn’t see her

There was something lurking much deeper

I always felt a slight pinch every time I looked too hard

I slight tweak every time I dug too deep

And in that blink, I’d lose all memory of previous engagements

My love life up a few social arrangements when I woke next

With a white picket fence, and a dog on the lawn

Hardest days of my life are already gone.

I sit in the shade as she brings me lemonade

A slight kiss on the cheek, she returns to the humble abode.

I guess she must’ve seen me as she looked out the window

My eyes catching something floating in my drink.

Not a fly or hair, but a fine powder…

Must not have stirred this drink as well she ought’ve.

She ran outside and asked what the problem was,

Snatched the drink out of my hand and began to stir.

My spirit stirred with it as I watched;

The world spinning out of control the longer I looked on.

That’s when the house started shifting, changing colors.

All of a sudden, the green grass browned all around us.

Her yellow skin, my blackness,

Our red blood

Mix the three together, you get mud.

These colors weren’t meant to float in the same pool, a beautiful hue.

If shit is all you get, what else is there do?

She started to churn the liquor faster, a rapid arm’s race

But I had already put the barrel of a pistol to her face.

“Why did you lie to me? What did you do?”

“Nothing is wrong baby. The drink isn’t through.”

She smiled at me again with her ivory teeth.

Then I noticed her canines were twice the length of mine.

A dogmatic dictator, a spin artist

Been dead all along, her feeding off my carcass

My smooth brown skin withered and turned gray

Then I noticed my vision began to give way.

I stormed off, her shrill cries chasing me

Like a barrage of bullets, her words abrading me.

But the affects of her dosage remained potent.

Spread through me but my eyes remained open.

Truth kept me awake, revolution kept me running

Fear raced me, and doubt kept gunning.

I see a cliff in the distance, what am I going to do when I get there?

I don’t know; guess we’ll see when we get there.

The soft grass underneath my toes has retreated.

A blanket of sharp stones has been pleated instead.

As I tread…ever further into oblivion.

Is this reality or is this delirium?

Opium bomb on her waist, doctor’s mask her face

Blood Red Cross on her chest, ammunition in her vest.

Yellow, elastic bands, long needle in hand.

Another liquified commodity, a gurney for my body.

I can fight back or I can give in quietly

That’s when I hear the ocean’s whisper quiet me.

I turn around to see outstretched arms…

Then turn back to see destined harm…

Tunnel vision ensues;

A see a light glimmering in the depths

A pool of tears, over the years, I’ve wept

Promises I’ve kept, questions unanswered

Stuck with a doctor who’s yet to cure my cancer

My illness is terminal.

My body, deceased.

This light encapsulating the plight I have seen.

Euros sheds dancing yet withered leaves.

Zephyr made them ripple beautifully with the sea.

Boreas gathered them all in one great funnel.

Revealing a gem,

Bottom of the sea, end of the tunnel.

Notus whispered in my ear, the end was near.

And that this light would make all my problems disappear.

That’s when I felt a crack in my heart, a rift in my spirit

So I jumped off the cliff in an attempt to get nearer it.


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