Posted by: mrdmcday | July 17, 2010

Life’s Story…

I remember when I last saw her…

She was beautiful.

I don’t even remember when I first met her…

But I know that I’ll never forget her…

She talked as if she were singing to you.

Her voice softer than a bluebird’s…

Her symphonies full of sympathy

Her sonnet’s aura’s cosmic, like that of comets.

She touched with the smooth hands of a mother.

I remember when they’d glide across my shoulders…
I’d meditate for hours with her arms wrapped around me

Never fully understanding her essence, but I was glad for her to have found me.

I remember when we grew up, how things changed.

How we separated and I almost forgot her name.

Then one day, I was walking and saw a familiar face.

Caught up and realized how our ways changed.

My perception of had grown somewhat distraught

She didn’t comply with the virtues I was taught

I jumped head first into the unknown, not fully prepared

Now she’s mad at me for not having a care, about a soul but my own.

Eventually, we fell on good grounds.

It seems, true love has finally been found.

I take her out here and there, our bodies Siamese.

I see other guys giving you the eye, I’d wish they’d try me.

It’s been so long and I’ve finally got this riddle solved.

And found a person who didn’t hesitate to absolve me.

Things were going great.

And then one day, she disappeared.

Steadily growing more worried as texts or calls never appeared.

I slept on her porch three nights in a row.

All for nothing, my love never came home.

I came to find out that she never locked the front door.

I burst inside—heart racing, mind pacing.

But my rampant search came to no avail.

Don’t even know what to do anymore…

Then I turned around to a closed diary on the floor.

Don’t want to invade privacy, but I’m desperate for answers.

As I folded each page, her story began to unfold.

All these secrets, I can’t believe she never told.

Quiet tears fell upon the pages as I wept.

Here are the secrets of her story she should have never kept:

She was seeing a man once, during her deranged youth.

Two years together, they’d made plans to move.

Never fully aware that his actions were but ruses.

Ploys to get to her toys…

One day, she overheard him speak in a conversation with his boys…

They were sipping gin and tonic,

And the realm of sobriety? Far beyond it.

As if that weren’t enough, they were rolling swishers up

The house reeked of the deceased as they continued to pour their liquor up.

Pride said, “Man…Life’s a bitch! And I’m tryna get my rape on!

If I rape strong, the good things will come whether she likes it or not.”

Tried to treat her like a queen, she hesitated too long

To give me the things I feel belong to me

And if she isn’t moving by the timeline

I got no problem stripping her down and taking what’s mine.“

Fearing for her life, she remained silent.

Unsure of what to do, she continued trying to please her man the best way that she could without stripping down and giving up the goods.

Life was beautiful, features like no other

But she could ever track down her father or mother

Which gives reason to why at times, she was capable of doing the right things

Then on the flip, had no problems indulging in the wrong ones

I’ve seen her switch roles as easily as she switched clothes

Adapting to the people she hung with at the moment

Sometimes she met nice dudes, nobles that made her think twice

But more than often, she hung with the crooks and thugs at night

She thought she was part of the posse–that her best interest were being looked out for

Til she found nothing in the world comes free

She stormed out of the club, no longer the Underworld’s Empress

But that withdrawal didn’t come without interest

They cornered her on the way home, asking for belongings that were far overdue.

“I’ve been waiting for months hoe, and I’ve had enough.

Getting sick of your games, it’s time to give it up.”

“Listen,” she pleaded. “It is a divine command that is needed. I cannot give my best unto you until you are weeded. To give my essence unwillingly will do you no good.”

“Think I’ve been worried about good? My entire life’s been bad. Things can’t get much worse, so might as well enjoy the little time that I have.”

“Just give me time and good things will come to pass. I promise you. I’m not doing this out of spite, but out of loving you. Death will come crying if you partake of that which you haven’t been given accessed to…I implore you. Patience will be of the greatest use to you.”

They thought about it for a minute, throwing a couple nods at each other.

“Well fuck it. We can’t all live forever.”

That’s when one of the four started pulling at her sweater.

Another crept up her thigh, held her down on the ground.

Pride stood smirking as he pulled his zipper down.

She continued to beg and squeal but eventually fell silent.

Compliant with their demands, yet she remained defiant.

She gave them a cold stare as they continued to yank her hair.

Pride was last one to have her,

and he looked straight into her eyes as slid between her thighs

Staring into her blank face, he watched the glow of her eyes disappear.

And he did it without shedding a single tear.

He took one last bite, drawing the warm nectar of her blood.

Her body slowly drowning in its own river.

After the deed was done and his men were through,

With her being a witness, there was one thing left to do.

Pride pulled out his pistol, and loaded the chamber

And stared at the heartbroken angel in anger.

“Don’t act like you didn’t see this coming! If you had treated me better, maybe things wouldn’t have to end this way. But today, this marks the end of your bull!”

He waited a few seconds, then the trigger he pulled.

The hot metal sliced through her hallowed heart.

Left hollow when they tore her body apart.

They left her lifeless in the alley, and they didn’t look back.

Somehow, they left no evidence for the police to track.

So when folks as about her, “Why isn’t she so good anymore?”

I  simply reply, “Life isn’t with us anymore…”

Death came by the other day, looking for his sister.

Weeping, crying out how much he missed her.

I hugged him, shuddering as I held him close.

He just lost the person who understood him the most.

He jumped forth with a vengeance, stumbling out the room.
I chased him out into the street, groveling at his feet.

“All of us aren’t like them! I am sad for your loss! But why make the mistakes of one man all of our cost?”

“You are all in this together, sharing the same fate whether you like it or not. Just as your breath the same air, you shall suffer together in despair. “


“Silence… I’ve had enough!

Man will bleed as she did!

And I will forever chase after whomsoever reads this!”



  1. Life?s Story?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    • Thanks you! I’m still getting familiar with the site and the whole concept of “Trackbacking” and all that jazz. Hope you continue to enjoy future works! 🙂

      Is there someway to reciprocate the favor? Perhaps doing what me doing what you did in future publishings? (shrugs)

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