Posted by: mrdmcday | July 3, 2010

Midnight Stroll

The fight between good and evil is much like the dance between shadow and Sun

The battle correlating with the foresight you bring forth

For when one finally grows the will to walk,

They must do so with the light before them, their path clear and navigable.

As they follow the light, darkness has no choice but to follow suit, it’s shroud being kept at bay.

Yes, he is there, keeping pace with you.

Past trials, past mistakes, past foes, past woes.

All of your sorrows and ill whims reside within his repertoire, scenes of your life itching to be revived and relived.

After all, you created him. But, with your vision clear, he will no longer have power over you.

But, if a pedestrian ever grows careless enough to place their torch behind him

Claiming the beacon too much a burden to bear

He will surely lose perception.

He will stumble into the darkness, leaving his life to chance.

He may be harmed; he may be safe.

But whatever the case, he will never have control of his life.

The light will follow you; it’s love beaming at your back;

It’s warmth begging you to come home.

There is a single trait that is found in both, however.

Neither will force its path upon you.

The choice is forever yours.


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