Posted by: mrdmcday | July 3, 2010

A Blunt Reality

With dark, curly hair

And an ominous stare

One blunt, one puff

His soul’s had enough

I saw my best friend’s spirit leave

Like the leaves after autumn leaves

He was standing right in front of me

Took a puff, now his life is a fantasy

I watched as his eyes rolled back

His veins bulged in despair

But he didn’t care as the smoke filled the air

I knocked on the door of his conscience

But no one was there.

I opened the unlocked door, and proceeded quietly

Stunned by the dark panorama within his frame

Hard floors made of soot

A ceiling full of tar

Nicotine at the bar

Are these the things to soothe a weary heart?

I walked up the stairs, afraid to touch the banisters

Climbed to the top and saw the network that reduced his net worth

He was a lesser being

Still kind at heart

But the drug had made a division amongst his body and mind

An incision that put to submission his growth

I watched a cloud of smoke materialize from the ashes

And I was given a first encounter of his madness

He grinned ominously, told me to pull up a chair

I sat down with him, but no discussion

Just an incessant stare

As if he were brainwashing me with his very presence

I inhaled his essence, almost called him brethren

But my senses snapped back into place

I looked him dead in the face

And told him he could have nothing of me

I stormed off and down the stairs

That’s when I saw my friend dangling in the air

Hooks of smoke pierced his shoulders

He hung like a bludgeoned hog after being cornered

He looked me in the eye but the windows to his soul were closed

The curtains up, but there’s no applause at this show

I wanted to destroy the ghoul, make him stop

The worst part

My friend did too, but couldn’t stop

He continued to breathe in this disenchanting dust

And I watched him silently

As the demon continued to strip his body violently

His skin stunk the stench of death

And I my teardrops burned as I cried

As he exhaled the hell he inhaled

Taking him down by force would bring more harm than good

That still doesn’t stop me from wanting to do something…

I remind him of the power he has against it

And to throw this demon out before he sifts it.

His mind has shifted, my name unlisted.

Eventually he smokes openly in front of me

In spite of me telling him how it frightens me

And then this voice keeps asking me, why am I fighting me?

I already know he’s fall victim to this fallacy

I might as well just get used to this blunt reality.


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