Posted by: mrdmcday | June 23, 2010


I leap from star to star
To escape the scars seen on my homeland
Where battered hills roll over so abundantly
And meadows have long since seen hardship
These stars dot the night sky
A million teardrops frozen in time
Suspended for us to touch and feel
They twinkle and smile at me as I indulge in their splendor
It’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean
Or the war torn soil of my home
I miss the days of old
Where I could feel its hearth between my toes
It’s warmth between the crevices of my soul
That torch has long since been unenthused
It’s flame amiss in some distant land
I don’t know why it left
How love could so suddenly vanish
So I sleep to escape the chains of my past
Allowing my spirit to roam free in this galaxy I’ve found
This nexus of ideals and fantasies
Where anything is possible
The Sun is my best friend
Accompanying me on my adventures through space
It’s light forever shining upon my face
Basking in the innocence within her rays
I’m a child again
Time is no longer a factor here
My life is limitless
An eternity of happiness
A cycle of joy unhindered
I’m able to go where I please
Gaze upon sights few ever see
I glide amongst clouds of crimson nebulas
Soaring to heights I never knew
I swim in seas of distant fantasies
Imaginings long forgotten in the world I used to know
It’s been so long since I’ve seen you
Then behold
Some dark force is stealing the stars
It’s ominous roar piercing my soul
It’s intimidating cry cutting my spirit
In the ultimate battle of good versus evil
I draw ever closer
A black hole has stolen my sunshine
It’s appetite never satisfied
I dive forward in an attempt to save my shattered world
My plain of prosperity broken and withered
My sight is taken in the ensuing battle
DeAndre! DeAndre! Time to go!”

White ceiling,
Blue sheets,
Wooden headboard,
Dirty clothes on the floor…
Relics of the dream I lived yesterday…
My alarm clock taunts me
Having successfully stripping me of my reality
This digital fiend, burglar of dreams
Smirks as he continues to chime
I can’t wait to go back home…


  1. I like this. There is a lot of imagery. Where are you from? I write as well.

    • Thank you! I’m from Detroit. I checked out the link you gave me. Looks like I’ll be another subscriber! Thanks for checking out my work! Looking forward to reading more of you!

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