Posted by: mrdmcday | June 15, 2010

~Randomness 24~

This has yet to be titled. Lend me some nice ones if you think of any! (:-D

Society’s a broken man with no hope
His pockets thin because he spent all his cash on a Benz
His body thin because he’s vowed never to walk again
He rolls around in his hover round
Barely 200 years old
In a wheelchair, he ain’t even that old
But he feels this is a luxury, that technology will aid him in living life more comfortably
His pale, white skin old and wrinkled
His once ruby red blood clotted and tainted
His blue eyes, cloudy and painted with the disillusion of his grandeur
He basks in the splendor of his fantasy
Where the world loves & adores him
Held in reverence for his creed
An age-old parliament hangs on his walls
A constitution that overlooks the destitution of his figure
A brown hue is slowly creeping up his left arm
He’s constantly trying to figure out a way to amputate
But the weird discoloration seems a bit too prominent
In the being he’s become
He scratches it over and over again with the right arm
A limb that has a small hue of yellow
He dislikes it too
A minority in the majority
But if you pull his pants down you’ll how far the disease has spread now
His left leg is completely maroon
And his right will be of a lemon color soon
He’s found, over time, they’ve expanded cross his waistline
He plants a landmine of ointment around his chest to halt the colored virus from seeking the best of him
The ointment confuses the strain and it strains against the rain of regression that continues to reign
The small circle encircles all the vital parts and anything within the body that was considered of fine art
He takes his essence and he moves to another vessel
Leaving the once smart virus consuming a sickly, hollow shell that remains hallowed because it’s still misguided by the illusion that this uni-colored land with it’s tricolored theme was open to any color

There’s more but that’s all I’m giving! Lol. Criticism and commentary is welcome!


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