Posted by: mrdmcday | March 31, 2010

“It’s alright for men to do it..” Double Standards Part II

Okay. So, literally, a female brought up the same topic in Comp class and, when I brought forth the point of view I was talking about the night before, things heated up big time!

The thing that became clear to me once again in this particular instance was the fact that most women don’t see their role in the deterioration of men and their integrity-especially when it comes to relationships.

She brought up tiger woods and how he was “praised” in some instances for his laying with over 10 women. Having more affairs than you can count with your fingertips? That is quite a feat but it isn’t one done out of virtue. My classmate, knowing this, asked why he was exalted by men as a “player”.

As mentioned, I brought forth the points that were in my last blog about relationships. And BAM! It was on! I stumped her for a minute but you could still see the emotion that she had in regards to the topic and we wouldn’t let up for a minute. Once I stated the fact that women partook in our destruction, ALL the girls in the room nearly broke their necks from the velocity they had in turning their heads!

But it’s true! I couldn’t just let all the girls just man-bash the entire hour! Had to hold it down for the brothers in the room (Which they appreciated very much by the way). Women just need to realize that ALL men aren’t players and that ALL of us don’t look up to those that do objectify them.

That’s all.


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