Posted by: mrdmcday | March 31, 2010

If the man can take care of himself, and the woman herself, what is the need/importance of romance?

Romance is defined as the feeling of excitement and mystery that is so typically associated with love. If we exclude romance and the two elements presented in the question are the sole factors present, the man taking care of himself and the women being able to do the same, we see two people dwelling with one another but they aren’t connected.

Romance, from a males perspective, is typically needed more so by the females, as they are the more passive breed. Them being more in tune with their feelings and emotions usually reveals the deficit men have in that department. Some men wonder,”If I’m handling my business and doing all the “manly” things I’m supposed to, what’s the big deal if I’m not singing songs and buying flowers?”

When a man masters romance, he has truly found a very powerful tool in keeping his partner excited and mindful of the things that made her fall in love with him in the first place. When romance is exempt, you really take the fun aspect of the relationship out and are left with nothing more than two co-workers in the same household.

And, while love is a full-time job, it should be one that both individuals enjoy as opposed to a dead-end occupation they hate. It should be a job with benefits-things that makes the workload bearable and reminds both partners that their being accepting of one another’s flaw is not in vain.

Romance is the celebration of having the maturity to accept those flaws and the recognition of the great attributes that accompany them.


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