Posted by: mrdmcday | March 26, 2010

Crash and Burning Love

You think you can take a bite out of life

And it’ll never bite back?

Like a world exists absent of price tags?

Layaway isn’t good enough

So you put your credit up

Shaky already

But some money is better than no money

Your card checks out

A fresh new pair and you’re ready to step out

Take life for a spin and dance the night away

Dance your cares away

Forget about yesterday

A new investment has been made here today

Gets to two stepping in your blessing

Fresh kicks to kick it with

No Judo lessons even apart of it

Could be a potential threat

But you’re whisked away in the fun of it

Forget about the forgotten

We’re no longer picking cotton

Might as well live it up

All the moral stuff

Give it up

I tried to be the oddball in the class

Be the moral kid

Do more than just get passed

Wanted to be the best, Impress the staff

Make sure they remembered me after I left

And greeted me when I visited again

Not just another misfit teen gone in the wind

But now I’m at another crossroads again

Live a life of solidarity

Or take a chance at accompaniment

A decision I’d come to resent

A century of effort unregulated when spent

Chasing nobility when I don’t even have the ability to sprint

Hit this significant other up with my Sprint

A few wondrous rendezvous we went

I win

Bliss has taken over again

Try to live a steady life

See if I’ve found a ready wife

But wives don’t come pre-packaged

And depression has weaved its way into the package

Guess the sender wasn’t paying attention when he wrapped it

Just like livid lyricists was when he rapped this

He was just going til he couldn’t go no more

Sort of like when he picked up the relationship

Ignored the roar

Blind to signs that told him to quit before he got a ticket

Reckless driving

He can’t even be acquitted

So we’re speeding now

Fast lane to fantasy lane

Stepping on the gas

Flying passed those would be lames

Peeping the rearview

Sneering at those who complain

I’m doing my thang

After all

Who’s here to cane?

I’m free from accountability

On this freeway of blissfulness

Swept away in the kiss of her tenderness

Been riding so long, so strong

I’m still ticketless

So I guess there’s really nothing wrong with this

So I push down

Pedal to the heavy metal

Rocked out all night

My soul never settles

If I lose this high

Then I’ll be forced to conform and mettle

This drug’s too good for me

Must indulge more so before lose my fettle

A misguided fettler

Thinking I was improving myself

Smoothing the edges

Of impurities

All so my life could be deemed worthy of she

Who dared to sit in the passenger’s seat

Sculpted til I couldn’t sculpt no more

And when I heard the roar again

I couldn’t figure out why it was there again

And why the heck these traffic signs kept reappearing all over again

The love buggy has gas for ages

Fueled by the ignorance that comes so abundantly in these stages

Youth phases

Where we write our love on the walls

Never noticing that ink falls on lavatory stalls

This is where the blood is spilled

Innocence killed

And contentment murdered too

A viral outbreak of ingenuousness

Wide-eyed children

Tricked to ripping their hearts and handing them to an illusion


When we find out that we flushed it down the drain

When we thought we had shook the hand of one who understands

Us in our being and what it really means to

Love, care and share with each other

All this time I’ve been thinking about the contract

The agreement

And my leaden foots been on the gas

No longer cars

But indistinguishable blurs breeze pass
I’ve just realized

I’m the victim of a horrid car crash

My visions blurry

And the air smells of gas

The fire is my fury ignites the surrounding environment

And I lack the humility or restraint to quiet it

I’m in uproar

I knew this thing was too good for me

I’m castrated on the side of the road

There’s no time for sympathy

She lays hanging, dangling in her chair

Restricted by her belt buckle

I howl in her face as I try to save my own

Ashamed of myself and my actions

And my connection to this unbelievable faction


Present here were bits and grains of something tangible

But in the end

I’m left empty handed in this scandal so

A calamity of romance

A dissonant dance of love

Can only end with both of us unstable with the room spinning

RPM’s are beyond reach

So we’re bound to fall before we can regain stability

The inevitable punishment for acting illiberally

I finally vent

The heat of my emotion comes to a simmer

But even after the climatic outbursting

I find myself thirsting


My dark eyes dilated

I feel overwhelming heat ensnare me although I can’t see it

I thought I had just rid myself of it

But now the coach has been overrun of it

The leather of the seats

Have becoming scorching pads of cowhide

She’s screaming now

But we can’t escape from the inside

A thick smog

Clogs our lungs and hinders our sight

A frantically pat around

Burning my hands in the process

I free my singed lover

Her skin red and blemished

We kneel in silence

Knowing our joyride is finally finished

Figured I might as well take it like man

Step up and finally end this

No punking out now

My mind falls to reminiscence

I recall the lively times

And the darker expanses

This romance has

Managed to take us through and advance us

But now the train has come to the end of the line

Like the sharp tips of lances

But this has minced and exposed our flaws

No more silly dances

And as the smog grows ever thicker

And the ghastly fire continues to entrance us

It has reached to fuel silage

A thunderous inferno has entrapped us

~Por Fin~


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