Posted by: mrdmcday | March 21, 2010

Lifeless Bouquet

So you offer love, huh?
Can you turn my black roses red?
Lift this sinking heart of lead?
I’m not the easiest book to be read

Matter of fact

I’d rather not be read at all
I’d rather be blue and sulk in my misery
Let the dark hue of my melancholy hover over me
My binds are padlocked
And pages sealed shut
It’s going to take a work of God in order for me to give this key up
You say you like a challenge
Well how about a riddle instead
Because this dread can’t be overcome with flattery and materials
Possessions don’t phase me
They’re rather a bore
Shows that you really don’t have much in store
Your slick talk and smooth walk hasn’t impressed me
Silly rabbit who do you think your fooling?
Why don’t you take your carats elsewhere
Have some other stray drooling
I’m not a mutt
Some slut to be bought and collared
Think I’m going to fall head over heels
Because you’ve strolled up and popped your collar, dropped a couple dollars?
You’re just as much in poverty as the homeless man
And since you have to time to be pompous while your penniless
I’m not going to pity this
This is a one man show
In which you’ll remain ticketless
Didn’t you see the sign at the door?
You have to have at least been through puberty to have a chance at pursuing me
Think a couple whiskers above your lip make you man now?
If you were such, you’d be residing in the stands now
But since your childish antics are a meal I can’t consume
Why don’t you save it for the next misfit bulimic that enters room?



  1. I LOVE THIS lil bro! I feel so empowered. Thanks for sharing. And keep writing!

  2. I most certainly will sis! Thanks you very much for checking me out! 😀

    • Oh no proooob! lol I’m just so proud of you. And will proudly remain a groupie 😛 You’re a lil younger than me – but you are definitely one to be looked up to. Just can’t wait until you get more exposure and spread the knowledge to more people. Keep up the inspired work lil bro – love ya much kiddo.

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