Posted by: mrdmcday | March 11, 2010

Stereotypical Foundations

So I’m in this current plight
About black stereotypes
Confused about how folks perceive me day and night

During the day
Is it hard for you to look me in the eye?
Does my dark skin bother you?
Make you wary?
What is it about me that makes me so scary?

Is my curly hair
Maybe the fitted cap turn backwards?
Is it my swagger that has you so awkward?

But when I’m dressed neatly
With this belt around my waist
I met with upturned faces all over the place
I speak clearly and articulately
Not doubtful or self-consciously
But when these attributes shine through
You see me as acting pretentiously

Would it be best if I…
Crawled back in my cage
Regressed to a stage
Equivalent to my ignorant ancestors?

Is that what black really means?
Slurred, insensible words, and oversized jeans?
Our we simply what you see via the TV screens?
With our bass heavy medleys
And street celebrity
Shaky credibility
Because of our ghetto mentality
Steady lacking morality
Or the yearning of it thereof
Multiple sociological discrepancies
Which leads to our hustling consistencies
And criminalistic tendencies
Which is why more than 1/2 our brothers
Waste away in penitentiaries

Am I getting “black enough” yet?

Maybe I can get “blacker” if I were…
Adorned with nappy corn rolls
And rubberband stacks
24 inch rims and a few heaters in the back?
Bricks galore with my misguided regime
Only allowing thieves and gangsters on my team?

Getting there yet?

Because that’s our norm, right?
This what it really means to be black, right?
Am I nothing more than this
Dark skinned menace to the world?
Can you see past this social barrier called race
And not judge me by my skin
But the content of my character?
By the good deeds that I do
And not the dark caricature that society has depicted of me?

Can you look me in the eyes
When I say hi to you
And erase the dumbfounded look off your face
When a word accompanied with more than 3 syllables
Leaves from my lips?
And don’t think you have to break stuff down to me
When the same type of content leave from yours either
It’s a disgusting way to cipher
Your true thoughts of the possibility
Of me lacking the ability
To decipher what you mean
If I don’t understand
I won’t hesitate to ask
Otherwise say what you mean
And mean what you say
And take me seriously when I do the same

When I walk into a room
With my fitted jeans
And sweater of argyle
Refrain from thinking I’m a black man
Biting some “white” man’s style

Can’t I wear what I want and what I like
Without trying to conform?

My jeans fit and don’t hang of my back
And I don’t aspire to drop out and start dealing crack
I don’t dream of objectifying and womanizing women
I’m not craving to slap a trick
And make her my slave
And not ashamed of spending most of my time in the nave
Of the tabernacle

But don’t let our belief systems
Be the start of the shackling
Of our respective needs of one another
You see
I need you as much a man would need his brother

We all have our respective roles to play
On this huge stage we call life
Let’s make this a motion picture
Unlike any other type of cinema
Can we make a harmonious film?
Where the actors are in conjunction
With their respective functions
Both in the forefront and the background?
Let this theme of togetherness a chance to resound
Despite our differences and upbringings
I can still hear that small cry of hope ringing
So instead of steady being stationed
Upon these stereotypical foundations
Let us not be an uncaring and unfeeling people
See past these racial identities
And towards the horizon where our destinies lie.

Will you help me get there?
Or am I too black to be given chance?
Am I limited to rap, singing and dance?

Will you give me a chance to be a scholar?
Or am I to be another nigger shut out and martyred
Because my thoughts are different?

Will you help to see the light?
Or am I to be shunned to the dark corners of this capitalist nation?

I am more than a statistic
My race more than this sadistic totem you’ve constructed
We as a majority could be better in we were given a chance to be instructed in the ways of knowledgeable people
But don’t dare judge me based upon the shortcomings of others
At least have the deceny to judge me for my own

But you see this here
I’m the sophisticated venom
Necessary to break down the nervous system
Of these vile institutions
I know me attacking the nervous got you nervous
But this is part of the solution
I’m a black man
So I know the world is stacked against me
But if I can do something to turn the tide
Just by the spirit of individuality that resides
On the insides of this black exterior
Then best believe I’m going to reveal the interior
And let this soul glow without the Soul Glo

We are more than our environment!!!


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